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Welcome to Russek Financial Services, your trusted partner in Medicare and financial planning. Our experienced team has spent years honing their expertise to provide comprehensive insurance solutions for all stages of life. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, guiding clients through complex decisions and ensuring their peace of mind.


We prioritize returning phone calls and providing prompt assistance, demonstrating our commitment to exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships

Our team has the requisite knowledge base to guide clients through the complexities of insurance, ensuring they have the information necessary to make informed decisions.

We value open communication and take the time to explain insurance concepts in simple terms, fostering confidence and understanding among our clients.




As a key area of our expertise, we help clients navigate the world of Medicare, including drug plans, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement options, to find the right coverage for their needs


Medicare Advantage

We help clients find top Medicare Advantage plans, offering additional coverage beyond Original Medicare, with expert guidance for informed decisions.


Medicare Supplement

Our team simplifies selecting Medicare Supplement plans, analyzing your needs to minimize out-of-pocket expenses while maximizing coverage and financial security.


Long-Term Care

We offer comprehensive long-term care solutions, helping to safeguard clients’ assets and independence in the event of a prolonged illness or injury.


Under 65 Medical

Our under 65 medical insurance solutions help bridge the gap for individuals who need coverage before they become eligible for Medicare.


Major Medical

Our major medical insurance offerings help clients manage the rising costs of health care, including surgeries and hospital stays, allowing them to focus on their health and recovery.


Jeff’s ability to explain the complexities of Medicare insurance into language that the average person can understand is hard to find in the insurance world. In our short visit with him and his visual aids, we now understand all the parts of Medicare, and the health and drug plans that are offered. We will now be able to make informative decisions for our health care going forward. We can’t thank Jeff enough!
Pat and Sam V.

What a blessing it was for my friend, Joanie S., to refer me to contact you for my Medicare Health needs. It was so confusing to hear Part A, Part B, Part C, etc., and it felt like my mind was going in circles trying to figure it all out. You put this into a neat little box for me with everything laid out so that it was easy to understand. I will be sending my friends your way when they are closing in on 65! Thank you.
Shirley B.

What a fantastic free service! Navigating Medicare health insurance can be overwhelming. I recommend Russek Financial Services to everyone in need. I received wonderful, clear help from Jeffrey. It’s so good to obtain face-to-face information. Thank you!
Donald A.

Joe and I were so happy when we left your office. We had been elsewhere for our Medicare when we turned 65 and never felt like they had our best interest at heart. After spending 10 minutes at your office, we knew that we had made a great decision. Immediately, you made us feel welcome and told us that most people that come in are confused with Medicare and all its parts, plans, etc. We are very pleased to have switched agents, making you our Agent of Record.
Joe and Mary K.

We found the meeting at your office very informative and learned more about Medicare in the hour that we spent with you than we had learned in the previous three months. Both of us feel that you have placed us on the correct plans based on our health and drug needs, and it’s most appreciated. We will be telling everyone we know and sending them your way!
Max and Karen L.